Employment Law

Our Employment Law Group provides you with legal support in every phase of your relationship with your employees.  Our role is to empower you to develop optimum human resource practices that will increase your business performance while minimizing your legal risks. 

Your business is under pressure from ever expanding regulations that govern your employment practices.  The lawyers in our Employment Law Group understand that you desire advice on how to successfully navigate through these complex requirements.  Our role is not to tell you what you cannot do but to assist you in implementing policies and practices that will allow you to accomplish your business goals.
No matter what decisions you make, you will inevitably face legal challenges from current or former employees.  Defense of litigation and regulatory investigation is simply a cost of doing business.  The lawyers in our Employment Law Group have significant experience in defending a wide variety of employment claims and in procuring successful outcomes in administrative and court proceedings.  Our Firm is well-known for its aggressive and smart defense teams which facilitate prompt dispute resolution and allow you to keep the focus on managing your business.  Visit our blog at www.wvemploymentlawblog.com

Below is a sample of the employment services we provide clients:
  • Employment applications
  • Background checks (criminal, credit or otherwise)
  • Employment and recruiting agreements
  • Human resources management
  • Human rights compliance
  • Employee handbooks including detailed job descriptions/profiles
  • Drug-test policies and procedures
  • Post-offer ADA compliant physical exam procedures
  • Personnel files protocols
  • Wage and hour obligations
  • Employee v. independent contractor issues
  • Wage payment and collection procedures
Discipline and Termination
  • Progressive discipline policies and implementation
  • Employment-at-will terminations
  • Separation agreements (including release provisions peculiar to the West Virginia Human Rights Act)
  • Disengagement procedures including conduct and content of exit interviews
  • Plant closing and related notifications


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